automatic soap dispenser supplied to hospitals in Thailand  June05
June 01, 2020, first lot 10,000pcs automatic soap dispenser shipped to Thailand Bangkok hospital.

From May.20th we got enquiry from Thailand client , they need 10,000pcs automatic sanitizer dispenser urgently for a project of Bangkok hospital . it was very peak season at that time, many factories including us order already scheduled to early of July, but obviously our client can not wait so long.

It’s not very big order, but as it’s for hospital use, we understand the early we deliver, the more useful it will be, our CEO George Yang decided to put out one production line and arrange 24 hours switch working to finish out this order on priority.

From the May.25 we received payment from client to June 01 1st lot of goods 5,500 pcs loaded into client warehouse , it used only 6 days without delaying other clients order delivery.
The balance 4,500pcs loaded for vessel on June 05.

When client saw the products photos in his warehouse, he commented it was like a miracle achieved by our team and workers, as he was rejected by several soup dispenser factories already before checking with us.

Believe goods will be put into hospital use very soon.

This automatic sanitizer model Thailand client ordered is suitable for hospitals , airports, shopping malls, restaurants , hotels , cinemas  , theatres etc.,

Simple design, has 700ml, 1000ml different volumes.

From year 2012, Fangwa has been producing Liquid dispenser, Soup dispenser, Automatic dispenser, Sanitizer dispenser.

Fangwa: premium quality all for health and happiness.
Fast delivery, competitive price, premium quality , strict quality control to make sure every single pc of product inspected before shipping , this is our company cluture.

We wish to cooperate with more clients from all over the world!