brief introduction of pm2.5 mask filter 

what is pm2.5 mask filter?

pm2.5 mask filter also called activated carbon mask filter, anti haze filter, mask filter pad, pm2.5 filter etc., is a filter pad using together with fabric masks and disposable face masks and mask scarfs.

normal fabric mask can not prevent virus, it's the melt blown layer has the filtering effect to prevent virus.

pm2.5 mask filter usually has 3 layer and 5 layer different kinds, the best sell one is 5 layer filter. here will introduce both of them.

3 layer mask filter contains 2 layer pp non woven fabric and 1 middle layer melt blown fabric, this melt blown layer has filtering effect can help prevent dust, fog, haze and virus.

5 layer mask filter contains 2 layer pp non woven fabric , 2 layer melt blown fabric plus one layer activated carbon fabric.

5 layers is better than 3 layer in preventing haze, dust and virus, has better filteration usually.

below are the normal questions re pm2.5 mask filter:

1.) is pm2.5 mask filter useful :

yes, it has melt blown non woven fabric layer can prevent virus , dust, fogs effectively

2. is pm2.5 mask filter washable:

no, it's for one time use, after washing it becomes useless long can the pm2.5 mask filter be used:

it depends on the environment and how frequently you are using , if in a poluted environment , suggested usage time is 4 hours, same as non woven disposable face mask

4.where to buy a pm2.5 mask filter

if you need it for personal use, Amazon has pm2.5 mask filter under selling ; if you want to buy and do wholesale, pls contact mask filter factory:

5. what is a good pm2.5 mask filter:

good mask filter use premium material , high filteration and soft comfortable to use, no flavor . the best pm2.5 mask filter now in market is 85L air flow 95% filteration , low breathing resistance.

it's efficient as well as comfortable to wear.

you can refer attached mask filter test report of Fangwa.

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