introduction of fingertip pulse oximeters 
1. What is fingertip pulse oximeter? What’s the use of fingertip pulse oximeters?
The fingertip pulse oximeter is intended for measuring the pulse oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index through user's finger. It's applicable for the monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate of adult and pediatric at home and medical clinics.
Fingertip pulse oximeter can display the user’s SpO2 value, pulse rate value and bar graph, pulse waveform.

2.How to use fingertip pulse oximeters?

3. How to read the pulse oximeters?
After knowing point 1 each indication on the screen and its meaning, it’s easy to read the pulse oximeters.
4. What’s the specifications of qualified fingertip pulse oximeters?
Take Fangwa health company MX3T medical use pulse oximeter for example (MX3T suitable for both hospital and home use , for its accurate and stable testing result, very competitive price so most families can afford it), below is it’s specifications:

5. What’s the normal pulse oximeters reading? How much is a healthy person’s SpO2 and pulse rate range?
SpO2 standard is 95-100; for certain middle-aged and elderly people whose SpO2 no less than 90 is meeting standard.

Pulse rate PRbpm standard is 60-100;
If SpO2 rate is lower than 95 or 90 for the elderly, it indicates that there is hypoxia, and the oximeter can guide the treatment and closely observe the blood oxygen status.
Mild hypoxemia SpO2 is 60-80, moderate hypoxemia SpO2 is 40-60 and severe hypoxemia SpO2 is less than 40mmHg

6. What’s price of hospital use and household pulse oximeters?
SpO2 oximeters have many brands produced by different companies, besides pulse oximeters have LED and TFT different sensors, the major difference is the chip. Pulse oximeters are not high technology, and very mature product in market, the chips have been upgraded times till now, so most price difference clients pay are for the brand, model-out looking and packaging. But still you will need select experienced manufacturers whose technique and workmanship more stable and accurate.
Fangwa Health company has been in fingertip pulse oximeters manufacturing almost 6 years, our home use and hospital puse pulse oximeters have been well tested by market,  fast delivery and most competitive price. In year 2021, Fangwa health company exported more than 2 million pcs medical and household pulse oximeters to Thailand, Singapore , Malaysia, India etc.

Fingertip pulse oximeters and infrared thermometers are two major products of Fangwa Guangzhou company. Welcome to contact us for more product details and latest news in this industry.