ppe suit for air travel 
recently our factory gets orders from Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia and Thailand etc., asking for pilot coveralls and ppe travel suits for air flight taking, it's a disposable suit made of microporous film 60gsm fabric with blue tapes.
we not yet get confirmation from our clients whether it is a new regulation from these countries customs , that one taking flight must wear ppe suit , from our knowledge wearing ppe suit while taking flight is good for self protection.ppe suit is with front zipper easy to wear, with hoody and elastic at bottoms and cuffs, giving a complete protection for people.  after taking off the suit, one is clean and will not bring virus and danger to home and other people.

you may ask, will it be very uncomfortable to wear ppe suits during flight?
the answer is actually no.
here we suggest to wear ppe suit made of microporous film , it's a fabric very light in weight and breathable , so one wearing microporous ppe suit will not feel the weight actually and also not feel hot.
it is just like wearing a light cotton cover, easy to put on and take off.

there are other quality for ppe suit, like PP , PP with PE film, SMS etc., PP is not good in breathability , and from protection view , SMS is not good as microporous film quality.

then, does the air travel suits need to be with seal tape?   our understanding is no , air travel suit pilot coveralls are different from medical suits for doctors, it's used in safer enviorment like airport, flight , train station than hospitals  , labs etc., need not be tape sealed , a normal ppe suit without tapes is good enough for air flight taking protection.
but if it's local government requirements, all must wear ppe suits with tape for air taking , then it's another question. 

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