UV sterilizer box K8 big volume 
Product name: UV Sterilizer box  UVC Light Sterilize box
model: K8         
brand: FANGWA/ OEM
input: 5V2A ; 9V2A
wireless charger output:10W
UV light output: 2W
Warranty: 1 YEAR       
Application: Family                              
Material: ABS
Function: Bacteria Killing                         
Color: White
Certificates: ROHS/ FC/ CE

UV sterilizer box K8
How UVC Works:

UVC Destroy the molecular structure of DNA and RNA of microbial cells, cause cell death and achieve the effect of sterilization. With advanced UV-C light technology, UV light Sanitizer kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
Germs are everywhere in our life
They exist on mobile phones, clothes, towels, toys, milk bottle, doorknobs, toilets etc. For giving you a more safe and healthy life, we have different UVC ultraviolet light sterilizers for your choices. They will help you to kill the germs, bacteria, virus, mites on the surface of your things, and give you a clean life environment.

--One click Easy Operation;
1pc per inner box , 30pcs per carton.
OEM packing available.  pls send mail to our team for more details.
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