what is pm2.5 filter?

pm2.5 filter has different kinds, including pm2.5 filter for air purifier , pm2.5 filter for face mask.

here we talk about pm2.5 filter used for face mask.

mask pm2.5 filter also called mask filter pad, pm2.5 filter, anti haze filter, face mask filter, activated carbon mask filter etc., it's filter pad usaully made with 5 layers , 2 layers nonwoven fabric, 2 layers melt blown fabric and 1 layer activated carbon fabric.

good pm2.5 mask filter has good filteration up to 95% , it's very useful in preventing smoke, dust, smog, polluation as well as covid19 and other virus etc. .

the most important part of a mask filter is the melt blown fabric and activated carbon fabric inside .

where to get bulk pm2.5 filter?

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