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fingertip pulse oximeter MX3L

fingertip pulse oximeter 
model No.: MX3L
power supply: built-in battery, 2pcs AAA battery
working current: ≤30mA
quality certification: CE
safety standard: GB/T18830-2009
display method: LED 4colors display
testing time: 4 Seconds to show test result
prodcuct size: 58*32*32mm
weight: 39g not including battery
colors: white
Packing of product:
1pc/box; 200pcs/carton, 40*30*28cm, 8kgs/ carton 
Real qualified home use fingertip pulse oximeter, accurate and stable testing result, well tested by clients in SIngapore, Thailand, Malaysia , India etc., fast delivery, NO QUALITY COMPLAIN FROM CLIENTS. 

fingertip pulse oximeter 
product name: MX3L fingertip pulse oximeter 

MX3L fingpertip pulse oximeter is personal model owned by our factory,high stable quality, fast delivery, most competitive price. welcome to take sample and pictures , videos before placing order.
this model pulse oximeter are shipping in big quantity to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India etc.,  orders keep repeating,no complain from clients.
Fanghua supplier contact : 
mobile/wechat/whatsapp : +86 13602487946

Product name: factory manufacturer fingertip pulse oximeter
Model No.: MX3L fingertip pulse oximeter
Display Method: LED 4 colors display
Testing Time: display measurement result in 4 seconds
Working current: <=30mA
Battery Specifications: 2pcs AAA batteries
Product Size: 58*32*32mm
Product Weight: 39G not including battery
Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurement Parameters: measuring range: 0% ~100% resolution: 1%; measurement accuracy: +2% (70%~99%) less than 70% undefined
Pulse Rate Measurement Parameters: Measuring range :30bpm%-250bpm% Resolution: 1bpm;
Measurement accuracy: +2% or + 2bpm, whichever is greater;
Use Environment: ambient temperature: 10C-40C  ambient humidity: <=75%
Atmospheric pressure: 700-1060 hPa


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