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fingertip pulse oximeter MX3T

fingertip pulse oximeter MX3T
model No.: MX3T pulse oximeter 
power supply: built-in battery, 2pcs AAA battery
working current: ≤30mA
quality certification: CE
safety standard: GB/T18830-2009
display method: TFT model 
testing time: 4 Seconds to show test result
prodcuct size: 58*32*32mm
weight: 39g not including battery
colors: white
Packing of product:
1pc/box; 200pcs/carton, 40*30*28cm, 8kgs/ carton 

fingertip pulse oximeter MX3T
model: MX3T 

MX3T fingpertip pulse oximeter is upgraded model from MX3L, is a TFT personal model owned by our factory,high stable quality, accurate testing result, suitable for home use and hospital use.
this model pulse oximeter are shipping to hospitals in Thailand, Malaysia, India in big quantity, its accuracy and stable high quality well tested by market, price is most competitive in all the TFT pulse oximeters in market.

Fangwa, profesional fingertip pulse oximeter manufacturer for almost 6 years,produces original LK87, LK88, LK89, MX3L, MX3T pulse oximeters, selling well to hospitals in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India etc..
with stable high quality and most competitive price , has won great reputation in this product and industry.
welcome to contact us for more details. 
tel/mobile: +86 13602487946

Product name: factory manufacturer fingertip pulse oximeter
Model No.: MX3T fingertip pulse oximeter
Display Method: TFT
Testing Time: display measurement result in 4 seconds
Working current: <=30mA
Battery Specifications: 2pcs AAA batteries
Product Size: 58*32*32mm
Product Weight: 39G excluding battery
Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurement Parameters: measuring range: 0% ~100% resolution: 1%; measurement accuracy: +2% (70%~99%) less than 70% undefined
Pulse Rate Measurement Parameters: Measuring range :30bpm%-250bpm% Resolution: 1bpm;
Measurement accuracy: +2% or + 2bpm, whichever is greater;
Use Environment: ambient temperature: 10C-40C  ambient humidity: <=75%
Atmospheric pressure: 700-1060 hPa


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